What is 'Football Prediction Pool.com' and how does it work?

What is it?

FootballPredictionPool.com is a website for managing group prediction pools.
Predictions pools are also commonly referred to as “Pick ’em Pools”.

How does it work?

When you join this prediction pool, you get to choose a football league you wish to predict.
Currently, this site lets you choose from CFL and/or NFL. The site will display the schedule of a given league, you simply pick the winner of each game. The last game of each week will be used as a tie breaker (See tie breaker section below).

At the end of each week, standings will be calculated and you will see where you ranked that week against other Players.
Overall standings will also be kept.

When do I have to have my picks in?

For each game you have up until 5 minutes before the game time listed on the site. You can change your picks as many time as you like up until that point.

A countdown will appear beside the game when the deadline is within an hour. Once the deadline has passed, you’ll see a lock icon appear beside the game.

How does the tie breaker work?

The last game of each week, as ORIGINALLY published by the NFL, is used as a tie breaker. Predict the total score of this game.
NOTE: The NFL can change the schedule from Week 10 to Week 17.
For details, see: http://www.nfl.com/schedules/2016/REG1

For example: If you think the score will be TEAM A 17, TEAM B 10. Enter 27 as your tie breaker.

In the event that you are tied with someone at the end of the week, the tie breaker will be used to determine order of rank.

Whoever is closest to the actual total score will rank higher. Note: It doesn’t matter if your total score is over or under the actual total score.